illy Treating The Earth With Care

Treating the Earth
with Care

You also contribute to further increasing well-being in all the places we are involved with. This is not just in the lands coffee grows, but also through our products: coffee, machines and accessories.

Because with your choices you too are part of our commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability.


Ecosystem conservation and environmental stewardship have long been integral to illy’s sustainability practices.
In addition to developing and promoting environmentally sound cultivation practices, illy seeks to reduce the environmental impact of the entire production process.

The commitment starts in producing countries where illy’s agronomists and Università del caffè faculty work side-by-side with farmers to share the latest research and implement best practices, emphasizing low impact, manual methods.
Minimal water usage, waste water reduction, natural shading of plants with native trees and minimization of synthetic product usage are among chief protocols.

The commitment continues in Trieste, Italy, at illy’s sole production facility, where the world’s best Arabica comes together to comprise the illy blend. Expert roasting takes place in an ultra-low emissions facility, where smoke discharge stands at one twentieth the legally permitted limit.

We have made huge investments to minimize the environmental impact of processing: a recently completed project goes yet further, recovering heat produced during roasting and transforming it into hot water used throughout the plant. illy’s longstanding environmental policies and practices have merited numerous, major international recognitions and certifications.

A commitment that spans many decades, to face the new challenge of Carbon Neutrality by 2033.