illy Sustainable Products


illy also contribute to further increasing well-being in all the places we are involved with. This is not just in the lands coffee grows, but also through our products: coffee, machines and accessories.

Because with your choices you too are part of our commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

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To build a better future we have started from sustainable coffee.We were one of the first to introduce the principles of economic sustainability with fair, long-term contracts with producers; the principles of social sustainability through cultural exchange and personal growth; and the principles of environmental sustainability through respect for the ecosystem, from sustainable cultivation to the places where coffee is enjoyed.

Coffee Machines

Our coffee machines make the difference, because technology and design come together with the highest standards from our suppliers.
We support supply chains that are Made in Italy to guarantee social sustainability, we promote long-term collaborations and a design that guarantees durability and reliability to promote economic sustainability, and our approach to packaging and communication materials is respectful to the planet to promote environmental sustainability.

NewCertified Compostable E.S.E. PODS

Both the coffee and the paper capsule in E.S.E. pods are certified compostable*. The box for the pods is made from recyclable cardboard.


Our accessories make the difference, because they allow those who use them to support environmental sustainability. Our take-away products are made entirely from from environmentally friendly materials.