• 25 ml of espresso
  • 10 ml of liquid sugar
  • 10 ml of coffee liqueur
  • 20 ml of white vodka
  • Ice cubes

Taking inspiration from the classic Espresso Martini the Vodka Espresso has all the same flavors you love in the original, from the crisp vodka to the rich espresso and creamy coffee liqueur in a perfect harmony of flavors. illy’s version is incredibly simple to prepare, making it the perfect cocktail for the novice mixologist, and is served over ice.

1.Prepare the espresso in the cup.
2.Add the liquid sugar, coffee liqueur, white vodka, and, finally, the espresso to a pitcher for mixing. Cool by stirring the ingredients with a spoon.
3.Pour the mixture into the glass with some ice cubes and serve.

For a classic Espresso Martini:

Add your ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake until well-chilled (about 12 to 15 seconds). Then strain into martini glasses for serving.